Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hungry: A Late Night Post

I was hungry. Naturally, I went downstairs to the fridge to find something to eat. Earlier today when I went down there, chicken was still in a container on the bottom shelf. It wasn't there. There was also a container of pesto shrimp alfredo. It was frozen solid. I was highly upset. I expected the food to be there because it was there earlier and now when I was hungry with no food it wasn't there. I had taken the food for granted and now hours later it was gone. I had missed my opportunity, because I wasn't hungry enough to eat. So, I went back to my room contemplating. Do I take the easy way out, spend money I don't have and get something quick and easy? Or do I eat the little bit of cereal I have now and deal with being hungry later?

I decided to wait and contemplate; I wasn't that hungry anyways. I'm already planning a trip to Florida next weekend on the epitome of a shoestring budget. Can I afford that trip? No. Am I going to go celebrate my best friend's birthday? Yes. Will I do some networking while I'm there and turn it into a business trip? Of course. So I really didn't need to spend that money on food that I can only eat once, which is why I have to truly have a taste for it to buy it. But I was still hungry and undecided.

I decided to wait some more, watching zombie movies. Which I am watching as I write, Resident Evil to be exact. Ironic. Zombies thrive on the need to feed because they are forever hungry even when they've found their next meal, they are still looking for the next piece. I like to think that I play with my own emotions.

I finally get an idea that will save my hunger. I don't eat red meat, which is why I didn't even touch the sausage biscuit my mom made me this morning. However, when I decided to move back home after pretty much living with my boyfriance, I brought home a bag with all kinds of goodies. I brought yogurt, bought some SmartOnes dinners, and some TURKEY hotdogs. Plus we had some leftover baked mac and cheese!

hot dogs Pictures, Images and Photos
Presto! dinner was served. Turkey hotdogs and baked mac and cheese. Yum!

Isn't it funny how things in life happen? When you aren't looking for something, it's not there. When you aren't thirsty, you don't search for water. When you aren't hungry, you don't look for food. It isn't until you are on the cusp of insanity, dehydration, or starvation do you work hard to find a solution.

Apply that to real life. There are infinite opportunities out there, waiting for us to discover them. We'll overlook them, pass them by, come back for them hoping they're available again. But as we let the opportunity pass us by, so goes the opportunity. It's not until we are truly starving for success do we really find it again. It's not until we are on the cusp of starvation and/or insanity does success present itself to us. It's with that starvation and insanity that we finally find our piece of the pie...

And even when we find it, we have to be like the zombies in the movies, always thinking about our next feeding. Always hungry.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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