Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 People You Should Follow On Twitter

We all use twitter as a way to connect with people, clients, family, friends, and celebrities, but there is so much more and so many more people you can connect with on Twitter. By using twitter as a way to get information and updates, networking with businesses, and connecting with peers you can do wonders with twitter.

Here are 5 people you should follow on Twitter:
Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or just thinking about it these people will help steer you in the right direction.
  • The Boss Network
    If you are a woman business owner, you need to connect and network with other female business owners. The Boss Network was as "Forbes 10 Best Career Sites and Top 100 Websites for Women" http://www.thebossnetwork.org

  • VP Small Biz
    I know that you read the Unemployed [but Empowered] Entrepreneur because it offers you advice and inspiration, VP Small Biz also provides valuable stories, links, and posts for the entrepreneur in you. In this game called life you can't afford to lose because you don't have enough knowledge. http://www.smallbiz.vistaprint.com

  • Mashable
    Whether you are into this whole technology thing, the fact that you live in the technology era is all the more reason to learn about it. Mashable does a fantastic job of keeping you in the know about all things technological and social media base, plus they have some pretty cool features. http://www.mashable.com

  • Possibilitive
    Because some of us are still unemployed... Possibilitive is a newbie in the realm of Twitter but they are certainly useful. With information on savings, job resources, and a way to connect with other unemployed people, possibilitive is a great group to follow. http://www.possibilitive.com

  • Your local news and traffic profiles. I live in Atlanta, home of the second or third worst traffic and home of random breaking news stories. This year we've had a zebra, buffalo, and small aircraft all land on our highways causing horrific traffic back ups. I follow the local news and traffic reports on twitter so that I don't get stuck in traffic and so I am always in the know to what's going on around me.

Honorable Mention
SOA Event Concepts' twitter page...duh! Follow me for instant updates on this blog, our latest events, and fantastic news! http://www.soaeventconcepts.com

As you can see, Twitter is a hub for more than just celebrity profiles and gossip. It has something for everyone. It can be a useful tool for your business, your future, and even your day to day life. When you work twitter, twitter can work for you. I posted just 5 people you should follow on twitter, but trust me there are millions of others that you haven't even discovered yet!

The Unemployed [but Empowered and Tweeting] Entrepreneur

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