Friday, October 22, 2010

Time management pt 2

As you've noticed, this past week I haven't posted nearly as much as I did a few weeks ago or even a month ago. Well that's because I now have both a job and a business *wipes brow*. I hate to think that they are interfering with me giving you some motivation and inspiration. I've been able to get posts out in a fairly timely manner and be consistent on at least posting Monday through Thursday, even with a busy schedule. How I'm able to do it? Well first off I'm normally a night owl. Matter a fact it's 3:45 AM as I type this on my ipod from my bed [and 12:16pm when I posted from work on my lunch break]. When I am watching my prime time tv, normally I do so with my laptop in lap, idea book open, and multitasking skills put to work. I've often been applauded by my management of time and efficiency when getting work done.

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Here's how you can manage your time when you're in a serious time crunch:

  • Double duty- when you watch tv, are you really watching it? If your task involves you having to write something creative or quick do so while listening to your fave tv show. In some instances it can even help you break that creative block. You can also double your prime time tv hour as your workout time, be creative and resourceful. A sit-up or 100 here, a squat or 50 there and you've completed a nice workout.

  • Don't take time for granted- if you literally have less than 20 minutes to complete a task, do so with focus, vigor, and a winning attitude. Make it a game with yourself if you have to; just make sure it gets done right and in time.

  • Break up the work- on many occasions I've written half a post in the morning and completed it in the middle of the day. Whether you get interrupted or have to stop, set yourself up for success when you return. Complete your thought you started and then come back later.

  • Set yourself up for success- most of us know our schedule ahead of time, set yourself up so you don't have to rush as much. Whether that's laying out your clothes the night before, creating bullet points for a presentation, or creating blog posts as drafts the night before. When you're in a time crunch, being prepared absolutely helps you set yourself up for success.

I've been in a time crunch lately trying to reorganize my life and fall back into the groove of having a full plate. Trust me when I say it's a normal thing for me to be busy. But just because my time is more valuable doesn't mean I have to fail at managing it more efficiently. You too can make 10, 20, or 30 minutes seem like an hour if you just manage the little time you have each day to create lasting opportunities for success.

Time is our biggest non-renewable resource so make sure you're not wasting it.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and time managing] Entrepreneur

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