Friday, December 31, 2010

What will 2011 bring?

As the new year quickly approaches (T-minus 12 hours as of this post), more and more people are trying to decide what their New Year's resolutions are going to be and are making predictions on what they think is going to happen. But as I sit back and watch them make these predictions for themselves, others, and the world, I have to sit and think to myself what that means.

A prediction implies something that you think is going to happen. You may not be sure if it will, but there is something that is telling you that there is a likely chance that it could happen. And the funny thing is, even though we make predictions about things to have yet happened, there is a little voice inside of us that raises doubt so that if it doesn't happen we were right either way.

The Law of Attraction tells us what we put out into the universe manifests itself to us. So even though you predict good things to happen, your negative thoughts about them will cause them to not happen. So yes, you will be right either way.

This year instead of making a resolution or prediction. I've decided I'm going to put into action my premonitions. In short, a premonition is a vision of the future, a forewarning for events to come.

The definitions give it an almost negative tone, however, you can be forewarned about an event that is positive. And thus, that is how I chose to take it.

I've had visions for what will happen personally, professionally, and realistically in 2011 and with that warning I'm going to do my best to ensure that they are all met.

Realistic Premonitions for 2011
  • With the influx of new entrepreneurs and new self-made millionaires both the job market and economy is going to rise higher than it was this year

  • Sarah Palin will rise up like she never has before to prepare for the 2012 elections (not particularly happy about that)

  • Facebook will become a publicly shared company.

Professional Premonitions for 2011
  • People will again see the value in hiring an event planner, coordinator, manager

  • The influence of fashion on the event industry will become more prevalent, ie color schemes, moods, production, presentation, etc.

  • Preston Bailey's online school of event design will be offered as a course at either SCAD or NYU (preferably SCAD)

Personal Premonitions for 2011
  • My relationship with my boyfriance will go to the next level

  • SOA Event Concepts will further continue to progress.

  • I will challenge myself more intellectually, professionally, spiritually, and personally

Will all these things take place (especially the realistic ones)? NO. But do I expect for at the least the personal ones to happen? Absolutely! I plan on going into the new year KNOWING that this time next year all my goals will be accomplished and the new ones will begin to take shape.

What will 2011 bring? What are your realistic, professional, and personal premonitions

The Unemployed [but Empowered] Entrepreneur

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