Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Internships [dot] com: A review

I hope you have been enjoying the continuing progress of myself as well as my company SOA Event Concepts. Over the past couple of months we have planned some great community events, gone to some fantastic free events, met new affiliates and clients, and most recently hired our first group of interns!

I have to say that these interns are a wonderful group of women who bring diversity, creativity, and ambition to my company. Speaking with some of my friends about what they are doing to acquire interns or extra help it's normally the same ole same ole, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, inside help at a college. All of that is great and don't get me wrong, I've helped folks to create some of those intern posts. But...I have to stay, I stumped upon a gem when a friend of mine told me about

When you first stumble upon you'll notice how easy the layout is. It's not overly complicated like, say It is straight forward and literally took me a few minutes to create my company's profile. One thing I REALLY liked about is the fact that companies have to create a profile AND interns have to create a profile. I remember when I was a PA, posting internship requests on Craigslist and having to deal with spam and spammers. With the only messages you receive are messages from potential interns and the only interns that contact you are the ones who are looking for your specific industry.

It gives you the opportunity to really read about potential interns by looking at their resume, checking out their blogs and social media profiles and even allows you to contact them without having to go through your email. It keeps you on task with their drop down window that helps you to categorize them based on the interaction (whether you contacted, interviewed, offered a position, or rejected them)

Best of all about'S FREE.99!!!!! YES AS IN $0.00!

I would recommend any company, start-up, or small business who doesn't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars to find interns (paid or not)create a free profile and start looking for the next people to take their company to the top!

The Unemployed [but Empowered and Intern having] Entrepreneur

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