Thursday, January 20, 2011

When putting in your application fails

When putting in your application fails...get creative and kick that box down the street!

I spoke to my best friend yesterday about the job market. He sounded almost as discouraged as I did almost a year ago. He is highly qualified for some jobs and he is not getting jobs in the industry that he prefers. I remember I would get so discouraged, I would get lethargic and not be in the mood or feel like doing much of anything. It wasn't until my boyfriend got me out of my stupor and helped me to realize that I was basically closing my mind to a whole avenue of the job market.

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When we first put together our resume we get excited to be able to list all of our skills, abilities, jobs, and experience. Being in the workforce for so long and having such a wide variety of skills can cause you to forget or ignore jobs that you didn't think you were qualified for.

For example, if you've ever been a coach, captain, or team leader that shows that you have leadership and basic management skills. If you have done various jobs in a particular industry, say interned at an art museum, worked in an art supply show, or even assisted an artist, you can seek other types of jobs in that industry. Better yet, if you've networked with people in an industry you are trying to break into, CALL THEM UP! The reason why you networked with them in the first place was to work with them in one aspect of another.

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When putting in your application fails, do some freelance work, become a consultant, contact staffing agencies and work a few temp jobs. The reason why so many people are having a hard time finding a job is because they think that they are only qualified for the jobs they are seeking and they forget to expand their horizons in the job market. It doesn't hurt to apply to a job you are under qualified for or a job you never thought about working. When putting in the application fails....get creative and resourceful.

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Happy Hunting! And remember, when life gives you lemons make orange juice and watch everyone wonder how you did it! (ha ha love that one)

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