Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Oscars Set Design

Oscars are about the actors, actresses, and scientists behind making a movie as great as it is. As we watch the gorgeous gowns and the handsome men, we forget to acknowledge the person who creates a stage that is both visually interesting and pleasing.

This year, the 83rd Annual Academy Awards had an "old Hollywood" theme where they paid plenty of homage to the legends and legendary movies that paved the way for our current cinemas and stars.

The production designer this year was Steve Bass, who's accolades include the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards as well as the We Are One: Obama Inaugural Celebration.

Bass opted to go against the grain by taking the traditional award show set and injecting it with a bit of technology,
"Bass and producers Don Mischer and Bruce Cohen are reportedly opting for a drastically different kind of Oscar set. They'll be relying on projected "scenic transitions" and "animated environments" rather than a single, unchanging background. The new backdrop should offer a fresh perspective on the venerable awards show."

In my opinion he did a fantastic job. The entire night I couldn't take my eyes off of the elegant stage design. It occurred to me after it was over that the entire stage was created from several different screens working together to create one visual imagery. Check out some photos below from the 83rd Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) stage design by Steve Bass of Hasbas Entertainment.

Also, I can't forget the wonderful graphic work done by Imaginary Forces for this year's Academy Awards show.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the set design, and I tweeted the Academy and told them so. I felt they needed to know that my mind was indeed blown! They tweeted back to me the name of the designer, and if he's on Twitter I will tell him as well. He worked magic. Nice to come here and read his further background, as I'm unfamiliar with him. Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi UE,

    Thanks for the nice write up. The show was really a joy to work on and I am happy that the concept of celebrating film with a filmic and cinematic environment was well received.

    All my best,

    Steve Bass


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