Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Color and the moods they evoke

ROY-G-BIV. What do you think about when you hear that acronym? Color of course! Color is the ultimate mood setter. Evoke feelings of tranquility and reliability with various shades of blue. Activate the adrenaline glands and stimulate the mind with washes of red. Does your event have a nature theme browns and greens will be your best color choice. Make you night full of heat, vitality, and energy with a beautiful spectrum of yellow...and it's just right for the spring.

This season purple and grey are the ultimate trend in events. Make your event magical and intriguing by adding uplights and downlights of purple in reddish hues to captivate the audience with warmth or cooler hues of blue.

SOA Tip: Want to be calmer and more productive, at the same time? Try painting your office walls in washes of blue...

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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