Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forbes Billionaire List 2011: Women Billionaires

Forbes recently put out their 2011 list of billionaires. It was interesting to notice that the first nine people were all men. Not that that is a problem, we salute you, but where are the women? According to the Center for Women's Business Research: Women own 10.6 million businesses in the United States. They employ 19.1 million workers--that's one in every seven employees. Their businesses account for $2.5 trillion in sales. [According to a study in December 2004]. Sure we know about the Oprah's and Trumps, but where are all the other women billionaires? Below is the top 15 women billionaires in the world according to their rank.

Forbes Women Billionaires (based on 2011 World's Billionaires List):
  • #10: Christy Walton &family |USA |$26.5 billion |Wal-mart heiress

  • #15: Liliane Bettencourt |France |$23.5 billion |L'Oreal heiress

  • #21: Alice Walton |USA |$21.2 billion |Wal-mart heiress

  • #27: Iris Fontbona |Chile |$19.2 billion |heiress to the Antofagasta Copper Mining fortune

  • #44: Susan Klatten |Germany |$14.6 billion |heiress to BMW and major stakeholder in Altana, chemical manufacturer

  • #49: Birgit Rausing |Switzerland |$14 billion |Tetra Laval, packaging

  • #53: Anne Cox Chambers |USA |$13.4 billion |heiress to Cox Enterprises

  • #56: Savitri Jindal &family |India |$13.2 billion |OP JIndal Group, steel and power

  • #69: Abigail Johnson |USA |$11.5 billion |President, Fidelity Personal, Workplace and Institutional Services

  • #81: Jacqueline Mars |USA |$10 billion |heiress to Mars, confectionery company

  • #89: Johanna Quandt |Germany |$9.8 billion |stockholder in BMW

  • #100: Georgina Rinehart |Australia |$9 billion |mining

  • #124: Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken |Netherlands |$7.5 billion |Heineken empire

  • #152: Antonia Johnson |Sweden |$6.5 billion |Chair and owner Axel Johnson, diversified trading company

  • #174: Dorothea Steinbruch &family |Brazil |$5.8 billion |Companhia Siderurgica Nacional, steel

  • Honorable Mentions (USA):
    #420 Oprah Winfrey |$2.7 billion |media
    #833 Phoebe Hearst-Cooke |$1.5 billion |Hearst Corp
    #938 Meg Whitman |$1.3 billion |Ebay
Women Rock!

The Unemployed [future Forbes women billionaire] Entrepreneur

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