Monday, March 28, 2011

Motivational Monday: 8 ways to be happier via Everyday Health

8 Ways to be happier via Everyday Health
  1. Look for the Positive: Happy people are more likely than unhappy people to perceive themselves, as well as the world around them, positively... Instead of complaining about how your co-worker gets on your nerves, your loved one never cleans up behind themselves, or the kids are too roudy, find the positive in each situation and learn from it.

  2. Nurture Relationships: Strong supportive relationships help you to live longer...We all need someone that we can talk to when we're down and laugh with us when we are up. Having a good support system is good for you and in turn will keep you happier.

  3. Be Physically Active: Exercise is a proven method for decreasing negative moods...Think about the last time you really went hard at the gym or an exercise program. As tired as you felt, when it was all said and done you felt amazing and like you were doing something good for yourself. So the next time you start to feel down, hit the gym or go for a walk in the park.

  4. Express Gratitude: Gratitude is a great antidote to anger and bitterness...At the end of the day we all want to feel wanted and appreciated. Letting those close to you know that you are grateful for them and their presence will in turn make you feel happy as well as grateful.

  5. Offer Help to Others: Being helpful allows you to feel better about yourself...Giving back has always been a great way to build you confidence in yourself and make you appreciate what you have. Find a local charity or program to support and watch your happiness level rise.

  6. Forgive: People who can forgive have higher self-esteem, happiness and joy in their lives...Forgiveness, gets that primordial monkey off your back. You'll feel a weight lifted off of you and happiness return. We all have to learn to forgive, no matter how hard we think it will be...if only for the sake of our own happiness.

  7. Savor Pleasures in Life: Enjoy life, even the bittersweet moments...Instead of looking and accepting only the positive moments in our lives, learn to acknowledge and accept the not so positive moments as well. It is when we learn from both that we truly grow as individuals.

  8. Make Spiritual Practice a Habit: Prayer, Meditation, and Religious support can help you get through the bad times and give new meaning to it...Sometimes we simply need a moment to ourselves to clear our head, whether it's through prayer or meditation. Believing in something bigger than ourselves gives us meaning and fulfillment.

Being happy is a choice. You can either choose to let life get you down or choose to triumph past it and have a better outlook.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and generally Happy] Entrepreneur

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