Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Business of Queendom: An opinion piece

Every Mostly every little girl dreams of the day when she will get to dress up like a princess and be queen for a day during her royal wedding. She imagines what it would be like to be waited on hand and foot by her loyal subjects. She fantasizes about the day her prince charming will whisk her away to a far off land and they'll live happily ever after.

Watching the Royal Wedding coverage got me to thinking: every one isn't fit to be a queen. Being a history buff, I've always known that typically when someone of status gets married it's normally for business or political or financial reasons. Way back when, families formed alliances with each other through the betrothal of their children, but they normally didn't marry just anyone off to their children. Typically it was the son that could help the family gain the most who got married to the most virginal and fairest daughter of marrying age.

Watching the Royal family closely, I've noticed that not everyone can handle the task and responsibility of being a future queen. It takes a dedicated and loyal woman to stand behind a man with that much power. A private woman to not be swindled by the paparazzi and media. It takes a woman who is smart enough to understand the business sense behind becoming a woman of royalty because if you notice, many of the women who married into royalty made their mark on the world one way or another. Whether it was through philanthropy, business, or the like, these women knew how to acquire their assets and put them to good use.

Unfortunately, the next statement goes against my neo-feminist beliefs but it also takes a very strong and understanding woman to love her husband's faults (i.e. love of women, bad decisions, scandalous behavior) and decide whether to work with him and the relationship or quit. I remember watching a documentary about the royal marriages and when they profiled the divorce of Diana and Charles, the Queen Mother said of Charles' affair " cheat." No, I don't believe in that statement, but if you look at it from a business prospective she has a point.

When you have a business deal, it is both unethical and not smart to quit the business at the first sign of trouble. That is the reason you sign contracts and go through so many legal red tape to even be able to conduct business....legally. As with a marriage, there is a reason you get a marriage license, it's a contract to be married to your mate. But, everyone is not fit to be in business otherwise everyone would have one. Just like the responsibility of being someone's princess or queen, everyone is not fit. You have to be a certain type of person, with a particular view, and a certain strength to carry that much weight.

Kate Middleton has a lot going for her as the future queen of England. From an outside point of view she is very demure, level-headed, strong, and opinionated without being obnoxious. Like Diana she appears to be approachable and amicable which will work in her favor when she decides to make her mark on the world. Although, she has centuries of tradition greeting her at Westminster Abbey, I think Kate Middleton is not only fully aware of her marriage to Prince William, but she will be able to accept it full on. The best thing about her is that she is the woman that HRH Prince William chose to marry. Being that they are marrying for love, Prince William will do a fabulous job of keeping her happy and maintaining the marriage.

**That's my opinion and no it doesn't reflect the opinions of my business, interns, employees, or affiliates.**

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