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An Interview with Stephanie Alva- Women Wednesday

Meet Stephanie Alva, Certified Life Coach, Founder of My Life Keys, Motivational Speaker, Inspiration to women everywhere.

As a kid, what was your dream? Have you followed it or did you go down a different path?
As a child I wanted to be a Singer and a Lawyer which lasted up until about 7th grade when I became the Anchor woman in my school's news show. I've always been really good at helping people to see a different perspective and loved the idea of inspiring others beyond their own limitations. When I began touring with the Gospel Gangstas, I began mentoring under Carolyn Harrell who was one of the industries most sought after Evangelists and Motivational Speakers. It was then that I fell in love with the idea of traveling the world and inspiring people to live in their Greatness. I am blessed beyond measure to be living in my purpose.

            What do you do? Talk about your business and your role within it.
I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker and am the Founder/CEO of My Life Keys. On a daily basis, I Life Coach individuals in various areas of their lives. I also facilitate group Life Coaching sessions focused on weight loss, grief, self-esteem, and attracting your ideal Soul Mate. I travel the world speaking to children, young adults, and adults about how to step into their Greatness and create the life of their dreams. And, if that weren't enough, I also host seminars on varying topics, the most popular one being how to create a functional Vision Board, I write and distribute a daily motivational e-mail called The Daily Life Keys, and I motivate close to 20,000 people on various social networking sites.

How did the idea for your business come about?
This is a very interesting story. I had been working at AT&T for close to 13 years and I was extremely unhappy so I made the decision to quit my job. I did a 7 Day Mental and Spiritual Cleanse and I set an intention to have the answer as to what I needed to be doing within that 7 day period. On the 4th day of the cleanse I woke up at the crack of dawn with all of these ideas, (including the name of the company) racing through my mind. I grabbed some Post It's and started writing each of them down. To date, I have accomplished and implemented about 95% of the ideas that I received that day.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
Someone who fearlessly chooses to live in their life's purpose. A really good friend of mine, B. Breezy, once told me that she doesn't worry about money because money comes with what we do. When you are living out your passions, money will come along with that. The provisions that you need will effortlessly find their way to you.

Who are your influences in your life?
I have been greatly influenced by Martha Beck, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale, and Mike Dooley, just to name a few. My greatest influence to date has been my Grandma Mary who taught me to love fearlessly without worry about what the other person will do with that love because it's not important. What's important is that you've experienced love. On her death bed, I promised her that I would live out my purpose. At the end of every speech or seminar, I always tell a story about her and dedicate what I've done to her memory.

What are some of the challenges and victories to being an entrepreneur?
The initial challenge for me was being dependent on other people to pay their bills in order to live. LOL. That was scary at first and I had to learn new techniques in order to change my mind set about it. It also succeeded in helping me to have more respect for paying my own bills on time. Victories have been attracting the Clients who need me the most and being able to have a positive effect on their lives. Every time someone tells me that they've had a breakthrough, I experience a victory.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? Five years? Ten years?
Within the next year I will continue to grow my business, gaining new Clients and travelling opportunities, as well as continuing my work with The Ultra Model. Within the next five years I will open up My Life Keys offices in Los Angeles, CA, implement the My Life Keys Mentoring Program Summer Camp, be traveling across the world motivating millions of people, and writing my first two books and going on a book tour for them. Within the next ten years I will have my own radio show on XM Satellite radio, be writing a monthly column in O Magazine, teaching and certifying others to become Life Coaches, and remaining open to whatever adventures The Universe has to offer me. I can't wait!

What is some advice you would give an up and coming entrepreneur?
Stay faithful and believe in yourself no matter what the circumstances look like. You hold the power within in you to create your ideal life. Every time you doubt, you push that dream further away from you. Open yourself up to the answers that are already within you. Be still and allow your path to show itself to you and then walk along it boldly and fearlessly!

What is one quote you live by as a business owner that helps to motivate you?
Whenever I find myself worrying about money, I always say, "It's OK. The money is coming in now,"which is a quote from Mike Dooley. The other is "I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and set the goals I will achieve. Everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for & receive as I have asked," which was taken from A Course in Miracles. It is a reminder that I am the Co-Creator of my life.

What are some things you have coming up?
On Saturday, May 14, 2001, I will be facilitating Create A New Life Vision Board Seminar at The Lounge in Atlanta, GA. And I will be in Los Angeles, CA for the month of June working on a couple of seminars and coaching my L.A. Clients. And I am currently writing my first book which will be out in 2012. I've had a lot of requests to turn my Daily Life Keys e-mails into a book so that will be available later on this year!

How can people get in contact with you?
You can visit my website at, follow the company on Twitter @MyLifeKeys and follow me @Stephanie_Alva. I am also the resident Life Coach for The Ultra Model and you can read my articles and advice there every day at Our Facebook page is

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