Monday, May 2, 2011

Quieting Your Naysayers: The Obama Way

In anything that you do and try to accomplish there will be people who will not only try to talk you out of your goals and dreams but who will have the audacity to tell you that they can do your job better than you're currently doing it. It's easiest to think we can be better than the next person without walking a mile in their shoes. Even when we have surpassed our best, it's not easiest to quiet the naysayers.

Our President, Barack Obama, has been encountering this since he got into office some 16 months ago. Most notably, upon confirmation of a second term run, Donald Trump didn't just tell President Obama that he wasn't doing his job but tried to defame his character (birther controversy). How did Barack Obama shut down this naysayer as well as the others? Watch below:

Through humor and wit, President Obama may have been delivering some very funny jokes, but the message at the end of every punchline..."Stay in your lane, Trump." "Don't forget the facts, the hard work, and the tireless nights you will never understand...everyone else."

Another way to quiet the naysayers, the Obama way: Making the impossible possible. As you may know from the late breaking news last night and the continued coverage this morning, Osama Bin Laden is dead. Through a secret operative mission authorized by our president and carried out by the brave service people who were involved, they carried out a mission that we have been trying to attain for over a decade.

In our daily lives, we may not be provided with the task of finding one of America's Most Wanted People, but we are provided with the daily task of accomplishing our most wanted achievements. When people tell you it's impossible, show them (don't tell them) that it's more than possible.

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