Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Men STILL Make More Money Than Women

Why Men STILL Make More Money Than Women (via Excelle)

Unfortunately it is a sad truth that women still get paid less than men, now at $0.77 less per dollar than men. I've always wondered why? If women are getting more and better education than men and it has been proven that companies with a higher rate of women executives tend to do better, why is it still a problem in 2011 that women can't get an equal pay rate as their male counterparts?

Excelle explores some of the stereotypes and myths surrounding this issue:
  1. Men are assertive...Women are aggressive. When men have ideas they speak up, are heard, are paid attention too. The more a woman speaks up the more she is looked at as being too aggressive, trying to hard, or bitchy.

  2. Men are passionate...Women are emotional. We're humans. When we feel strongly about something it is in our nature to express our inner most thoughts, but unfortunately it's seen as a trait of weakness when women speak up about their passion.

  3. Men scream...Women mutter. Even if the idea is silly or irrelevant, the fact that a man is willing to speak up is the reason why they are taken more seriously than women.

  4. Men steer...Women support

  5. Men are casual...Women are coquettes. The moment women showcase their more fashionable side at their jobs, they are almost always seen as being inappropriately dressed. Too much cleavage, too much leg, and you're looked as the office slutbucket.

What I liked about this article is how they offered advice to women for how to be an ambitious woman while tackling the misogynistic myths. Check them out and tell me what you think!
Why Men Still Make More Money - Excelle

From one ambitious woman to another...Women run the world, Men just think they do. ;)

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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