Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Overview of the Social Media Crash Course (#bizsuccess)

Like I discussed yesterday, last Wednesday I attended the Online Marketing & Social Media Crash Course with keynote speaker Starr Hall sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine, Sprint, and Deluxe. I can't tell you how valuable the information was for me as well as my business. Below is a snippet of what we learned, you're going to have to just catch the next free seminar!

  • Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Public Relations, and Marketing ARE NOT all the same things!
    • But we use social media to achieve the above actions.
  • The foundation to your business is your image...your image is your website.
    • Communicating to potential clients one-way will force them to leave your site and you without a client
    • You website needs at least 3 calls to action (click here, try this, do this)
      • If visitors to your site have to think...they're confused...if they're confused, that equals a NO
  • Three things you must do to be successful with social media branding:
    • Post consistently
      • Post personality
    • Build Social Proof (build a presence and prove that your company is the one to go to; be a buzzmaker, get people to back you)
    • Choose quality not quantity
      • I discussed this here.
      • The more people you know, the less you know them!
  • Top 4 mistakes made with social media: (are you doing this right now?)
    • sites and posts aren't current
    • incorrect grammar and "net-i-quette"
    • being a pushy sales person >:(
    • being just a voice, not engaging
That was just a snippet of what Starr taught us that day, I'd offer to post the second half...but well, you're going to have to catch it at the next seminar! Utilize Starr Hall's tips and tricks for being a better social marketer and watch your quality engagement go up!

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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