Monday, July 25, 2011

Motivational Monday: On confirmation

Last week, I gushed about how I had a Eureka Moment when it came to living out my passion and accomplishing my dreams. It's funny that the moment I realized that I was on the right path, so many things began to confirm what I knew and felt all along.

Confirmation 1: My best friend told me he had a premonition that my business and my ideas were going to make me a millionaire by thirty. Now I am used to my close friends giving me their support and their advice, but it seemed weird that he would tell me about his premonition and in such great detail.

Confirmation 2: I went to the gym to do some cardio. Minding my own business, I end up getting into a conversation with some random guy who tells me,
"YOU are going to be successful. I don't know you, but just talking to you, I know you will be successful. Don't forget that you have power in your thoughts and that determines what level of success you will reach."
Talk about scary weird!?!?! Some stranger at the gym, who only had a brief conversation with me, said this...

Confirmation 3: I was speaking, for the first time, to one of the event organizers for an event my company is in the process of planning who said to me,
"I can tell, based on your spirit that you will go far and do exceedingly well in your business..."

So you see dear friends, even when we receive our eureka moment, it's the confirmations that really take it to the next level. At one time I had wondered if I was on the right path and if all the hard work I was doing would pay off. Although, I was slowly realizing it, it was the confirmations from close friends and strangers that really made it real.

"A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. So as you keep thinking this thought, you keep vibrationally attracting relative to that thought. So everything is a sort of confirmation of belief."
       -Abraham Hicks

On that note, I shall continue to manifest my blessings, success, and good fortune. Try it. It really works...but only if you believe!

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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