Monday, July 18, 2011

Motivational Monday: That Eureka! moment

I feel like I've had an epiphany. Like it all makes sense now. Like I am truly living in my purpose. Like the prize at the end of the race is actually attainable.

I've known for a while that event planning was MY purpose in life. It was a means of gathering all of my skills and abilities and turning it into something I am passionate about. When I started SOA Event Concepts, I didn't know how far I could take it...I didn't even know what I wanted it to be yet. Honestly, I see bits and pieces of what SOA Event Concepts has the capabilities to become as long as I continue to strive to make it successful. But recently it felt like a light bulb went off in my head. It was like EUREKA!

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I have finally realized that SOA Event Concepts is truly my passion, which I spoke about here last year, and that I will do anything to make it a success. Yes, I've always worked hard to grow it and still work hard to grow it. No, it's no where near the overall vision I foresee it becoming, but for's mine. It's my passion. It's the reason I stay up late and wake up early. Why something as simple as creating documents and materials brings a smile to my face. The reason I am working hard to build new relationships, acquire new clients, grow leaps and bounds.

That is what today's motivational quote is about...realizing your purpose and pursuing it.

A Motivational Monday double dose of inspiration!

"Follow your bliss and God will open doors for you where there were only walls."
        Oprah (via Oprah_World on Twitter)

"Our aspirations are our possibilities"
        -Robert Browning

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