Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivational Monday: On Abundance

Lately, I've been saying a little prayer or mantra of abundance. I noticed a while back every time I focused on the negative situations in my life, I would continue to get just that. On the contrary, when I focused on the positives in my life, I would get that and so much more. As I further delved into the arena of "unemployed entrepreneur," I stopped focusing on the no job= no money aspect and concentrated on the more time= more business aspect. So I give you for Motivational Monday, my little mantra of abundance.

"Dear Lord,
Please provide me with the abundance of time. The abundance of money and finances. The abundance of clients and contracts. The abundance of creativity and opportunity. The abundance of resources and support. The abundance of love and friendship. The abundance of patience and honesty. And most importantly, the abundance of faith and belief.

In all honesty, it's isn't about what you don't have, but instead the abundance of what you want. It's about knowing what you want, putting it into the universe, and then going forth to seek it. It's about creating opportunities instead of waiting for them. Instead of "I wish I had a job," try asking for an abundance of job opportunities and then create them.

I hope my little mantra helps someone today because I know it's hard out there for us in the unemployed circuit, but opportunities are created by you.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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