Monday, September 5, 2011

Motivational Monday: ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE!

I was speaking to a few of my friends about their lives, their businesses, and what they think will get them to that next level they so desperately crave. I told them it was simple...organize your life. Have you ever realized when your space is cluttered, your mind is equally as cluttered? Try it now. Think about the last time you tried to get something done and literally couldn't think your way out of a box. Then think about the time you cleaned your space, whether it be your office, bedroom, house, garage how much brighter the sun seemed to be.
So many of us don't really have a thinking problem so much as we have an organizational problem. I too have suffered and suffer from organization sometimes...I know I know...I thought I was perfect too! But once I get myself organized and clean up my space, it all becomes clear.

That's what today's motivational quote is about...organizing your life. But first...

5 helpful tips to get organized

  1. A place for everything and everything in it's place. CLEAN UP! How can you expect to get any work done when you have papers, magazines, business cards, and trash all over your work place? Clean that mess up!

  2. Create schedules and maintain it. You have 20 events to get to this can you do it all without having to invest in a clone? Maintain your schedule. Google Calendars saved my social life...I go to at least two networking events a week, I meet clients, brainstorm with my business partners and affiliates, motivate and train my interns, on top of all the work I do alone...I needed something to organize all the events that go on in my daily life.

  3. To Do Lists are the daily commandments of what needs to be done. My daily to do lists tend to be very long. I've accepted that fact, but I wouldn't possibly be able to get everything done if I couldn't remember what needed to be done. I have a daily and weekly to do list that keeps me on task. I'm not normally a procrastinator but even the most disciplined of people can get off task. Having a to do list ensures that I know what I am doing when and in how much time I need to complete it before I move on to the next task.

  4. Manage your time wisely. If you know you have a really important task coming up whether it be a paper, presentation, or deadline, you have to know how to prioritize your schedule to not only make sure it gets done, but to also ensure that you invest the right amount of time to make it a quality product. Turn off the TV and anything else that distracts you. If you are creating something that doesn't need the internet, turn the internet or wifi access off on your computer. Turn on some classical music and work on your task taking a 5 minute break every hour and a 20 minute break every three hours...or when necessary. This allows you to get up and stretch, use the restroom, eat and come back fresh.

  5. Commit to reorganization. Just saying you are going to organize your life is one thing where as actually doing it is another. What is the catalyst between saying and doing? Commitment. When you commit to something you are motivating yourself to do it. Don't just say you are going to clean, create a to do list, and manage your time...commit to doing it and then...DO IT!

"Order is the sanity of the mind, the health of the body, the peace of the city, the security of the state. Like beams in a house or bones to a body, so is order to all things."
        Robert Soothey

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