Monday, November 14, 2011

Motivational Monday: Be Inspired

By now, the entire world knows the news that legendary Hip Hop MC, Heavy D died last week. He was definitely a fore runner of hip hop in the 90s and a staple in my youth. I loved how he was such a sweet source of inspiration whether he was on stage or at home with his family.

As the news spread about his passing, for some reason, I instantly looked at what his last tweet is a bit morbid. I am fascinated to know what the last words are from people once they pass. In a sense, it tells me what kind of person they were when they were alive and what type of legacy they wanted to leave once they were gone.

Motivational Monday is dedicated to Heavy D. His last tweet was words of wisdom, I believe we should all live by.

"Be Inspired"...everyday.

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