Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loving each other before we're gone.

Have you ever lost a person you cared deeply about and wished you had said more to them before they passed? Why do we wait for our loved ones to be gone before we fill ourselves with regret about what we should have done? Why does pride prevent us from saying what we really feel about them. We see it so many times, especially with celebrity deaths. While they're living we take them for granted, focus on their mistakes, make fun of their decisions. Once they leave this Earth, THAT'S when we want to celebrate their greatness and what they've accomplished.

Don't wait until it's too late to celebrate a person's life. Instead of celebrating what they left us with, we need to celebrate them when they are there. If you love someone, they should never wonder if you do. If you call someone your friend and you care for them, they should always be reassured of your loyalty.

So start today, the day after Valentine's Day, to let the people you care about know that you care about them. Whether you say with a card, a phone call, or a message make sure they know that they are in your heart.

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  1. I care abt you hon. Our interactions with each other over the years have allowed me to grow, to learn both positive & negative lessons abt myself & others. Your post is absolutely right!! I blog, tweet, facebook, & all out live this message each day. You are appreciated & your post is on point. #salut


Thanks for your comment!!!!!