Monday, March 19, 2012

Motivational Monday: Don't Be A Blessing Blocker

Lately, I've been seeing people who are blocking their own blessings...and I don't think they realize it. So many of us look for a clearly written sign in the skies which prevents us from seeing what's right in front of us.

How often do you see small victories as a preliminary blessing for a bigger blessing? Probably all the time. We are so accustomed to wanting things to be bigger, greater, faster, etc that when we receive something that is smaller, lesser, or slower we ignore it and put it to the wayside.

Before we can achieve big things we have to accept the small victories. Maybe you are in medical school, your big victory is to get your PhD...but your small victory is that you passed that major test or you met someone in your field who can be your mentor. Or maybe you're an entrepreneur. You want to someday own this international conglomerate but today you manage a small firm that has recently started to get more clientele.

My point is this, "Big things have small beginnings. So don't block your blessings because you expect or wish them to be bigger." The small victories add up and those blessings are a set up for the larger ones to come.

When God provides you with a blessing/ opportunity, no matter how big or small appreciate it and show him that you are ready for the bigger blessings to come.

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