Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just deferred my school loans for the second time this year. Last year when I graduated the world was my oyster. I felt like there were jobs a plenty for someone with my experience, degree type, and connections through school....boy was I wrong.

I successfully got a job right out of college, was it luck or was it coincidence? I don't know. The first check was certainly awesome. I felt like a new independent woman ready to expand my wings. And then the dreaded 3 month honeymoon phase ended and my eyes were wide open to the realities of my job and the world, as it was slowly descending into recession hell.

The 3 month job honeymoon phase:

Just like in a relationship, a job can have a honeymoon phase. It starts from the moment you get hired and start your first few days of training. You are excited because it's something new, something different, and most importantly a check.

You are enamored by your new co-workers and supervisors. The sound of phones ringing and machines buzzing is almost orgasmic because you have successfully become a positive statistic.

As your new boss shows you around, they tell you all the wonderful things the company has to offer: vacations, unlimited bonuses, travel, meeting new people every day, etc. You can't help but keep a smile upon your face. All the old employees can tell you are a newbie, but you won't hide it. As you begin your duties as a new employee you can't help but think how great life is as an employed consumer.

And then 3-5 months later....

You discover that you aren't really cut out for this position in the first place. You finally admit to yourself that you took the job because you were desperate or bored. You realize that that vacation is only after you've worked for the company 2 years and saved up enough vacation time. Those unlimited bonuses only exist as long as you are making continuous sales and turn-overs. And that travel? That travel is in your car, to your territory where you are supposed to do door to door or business to business sales. Now you feel tricked and bamboozled, but they've got you because the money is relatively easy to make and no one other than sales companies are hiring.And now you're mad because you know why all the old employees were laughing and pointing at you on your first day.

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So what do you do? Well you have a few options. You can stay there, miserable, trying your best. You can stay until you find something better, if it ever comes along. Or you can quit, defer your student loans, start a company, and hope for the best.

Hey no one ever said making decisions, being a grown-up, or following your dreams was easy...right?

I know this much. My student loans may have been deferred, but my dreams will never be.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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