Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I got a call from my former assistant yesterday and a skype chat with my best friend. I love these two ladies for separate and similar reasons. My assistant has shown me the true definition of loyalty and hard work. My best friend shows me unrequited female love, and in the end isn't that what all females want?

The reason why I'm talking about them today is because unknowingly they spoke to me about the same thing: Inspiration.

My assistant is going through a tough time right now. It's her last year of college and the worry of being an unemployed graduate is starting to set in. She recently got laid off of her job and she's freaking out about being able to pay her bills. Trust me when I say I can relate. I'm living that nightmare now. [j/k...but not really]. She called wanting words of advice and encouragement. So I did what I naturally do. Be realistic and help her find a solution to her problem.

I told her that she doesn't have anything to worry about right now. She is still in school and luckily has her loans to fall back on if times get extremely hard. As for the future and her new found spare time, she has ample opportunities in the town to help cushion her dream through experience. It's all about getting to know people while you are around them. As for what happens after graduation, she should be looking for opportunities and jobs to guarantee she has something upon walking the stage.I told her to remain optimistic and focused because regardless of losing that job and maybe a little bit of sleep over it, the one thing she should never lose is herself and her dreams

She told me that the reason she called me wasn't just to check up on me or to get encouragement, although it was a main reason. She told me she called me because I inspired her. I inspire her to go for her dreams no matter what and to not let current situations affect the future she's trying to build.

Then later that day my best friend called me to tell me that she finally, at age 26, discovered what she wanted to do in life. She told me she wanted to be a plus size modeling writer. Of course I encouraged her to follow her dreams no matter what. So many people will come into your life to tell you what you can't do, but want to support you once you've made it. She told me that she was inspired to finally make the decision to write because of me. She admired how ,at a young age, I knew what I wanted to do and did everything in my power to pursue it. Regardless of the trials and tribulations, I always focused on accomplishing my dreams.

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I was totally in awe. I hadn't realized that through all the things I work hard to accomplish I had inspired someone, much less two people in my life. I just try to live my life everyday, slowly building my legacy and if along the way I inspire others to do the same then I've surpassed my goals in life.

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