Monday, August 30, 2010


I've officially been writing this blog for about a week now. Originally it was to serve as a kind of online resume with daily quips into my daily life. It was to be so that employers could REALLY get a glimpse into what type of person I am. I wanted them to see that I was hardworking but also fun and full of humor. I wanted them to see that I could tackle practically any task while maintaining who I was...ALWAYS! I took the time out to increase the visibility to this blog by utilizing Twitter and Facebook and getting some feedback. I got the feedback I was looking for and it came to me...

In a weeks time, this blog has evolved and I have found what this blog's true purpose is
"to inspire people to follow their dreams through personal anecdotes, stories, advice etc."
So there it is. My life's purpose is to inspire the fulfillment of dreams through anecdotes and humor.

It's funny how we figure out what our purpose in life is. When we are younger we want to be one thing and grow up to be something else, but in everything that we've pursued it's been for our purpose in life. If I get a job, contract, or someone wants me to plan an event for them because of this blog....then my original purpose has been fulfilled, but if I inspire someone for greatness then my purpose has been surpassed.

So what's your purpose?

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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