Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lessons learned from The Blueprint 3

I went for a late morning jog. My music choice for the day: The Blueprint 3. I loved it when it came out and I love it now during a workout. First of all let me say that lyrically and musically The Blueprint 3 is Jay-Z's best to date. That's just my opinion *Kanye shrug*.

What was most intriguing to me was the overall theme and message Jay-Z presents in the Blueprint 3. He stresses the need to constantly evolve in order to stay on the top:
"I move onward, the only direction
Can't be scared to fail, searchin' perfection
...Don't be mad 'cause it's all about progression"
--Jay-Z, On to the Next One

Think about it. You started your career out So Ambitious wanting to Run This Town. But you can't allow yourself to get comfortable because every moment A Star is Born. You have to have a constant Reminder to move On to the Next One. If you maintain your Empire State of Mind sure you'll have a ton of Hate from people but you have to get Off That negative mentality and stay Young Forever.

If you plan on remaining where you are, keep doing what you are doing. Keep living a "normal" existence. However, if you want to progress and get better, grow stronger, get richer, you have to constantly be evolving yourself no matter what others may think.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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