Monday, August 23, 2010

SOA's event schedule Entry 1

Today, I have a meeting with some committee members to help them coordinate a fall festival. It's my job to help promote and publicize the event along with a bevy of other details. It's a little ray of sunshine as I work hard to make SOA Event Concepts, LLC a household name in my community and my state. Building a brand is hard work, but I am ready to accept the task.

I recently had a conversation with a woman at a bridal expo about how important it is for start-up businesses and all businesses to work with their customers and not against them. It's easy for us to be like "you pay me now" but does it always have to be the case? Sure in this world it's all a money game and how much you have, but in reality you catch more flies with honey. Of course it's hard in the beginning but the benefits will be overwhelming in the end.

About the fall festival: The Morrow Fall Festival is a great concept created by some parents from my high school alma mater. It's funny when you are in school, you don't want nothing more than to get out of it. As an adult all you want to do is see your school and community thrive. That's the reason why I joined the organization. I wanted to see the high school that I loved become more than what it is.

"The Morrow Fall Festival is a family oriented, cultural and educational event established to unify Morrow Middle & Morrow High Schools."
It will take place on October 2, 2010 at 10am in the parking lots of Morrow High School and Morrow Middle. For more information, please visit their website here

*and yes this is a shameless plug*

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