Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

I'm a 20 something unemployed entrepreneur.
Ever since I left my sales job in December, I've applied to at least 100 jobs.
In January, I decided I wanted to do some freelance event planning.
In February, I planned my first solo event.
March, I became a personal assistant to a queen, pageant queen that is, and was asked to co-coordinate an all day seminar for a county commissioner.
In June, my boyfriend of 8 years and I decided we wanted to get married.
In July, I decided to turn my freelance event planning skills into a full fledge business.
In August, my PA contract ended, county commissioner got re-elected, and my business officially became an LLC.

With all those wonderful experiences, I am still unemployed and not sure how my bills will get paid or if I'll even have the $10K to make my wedding dreams a reality. With this story of my life, I'm not looking for a sympathetic hand-out (although that would be lovely), I'm looking to get compensation for utilizing my various skills. I welcome you to my thoughts, my journey, and my hopes that all of my hardwork will pay off or at least help stimulate the economy.

Here's to making our dreams our realities.


The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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