Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 Awesome Reads to Stay in the Loop

What are your interests? What do you aspire to be? What do you read to stay in the loop in your industry? What websites, blogs, newsletters, and rss feeds do you follow? Knowledge is the difference between staying ahead and falling backward. How do you stay ahead?

I have several friends that are either entrepreneurs or freelancers or a combination of the two. Whenever I meet up with them they always have something to read that is related to their field.

My one friend, she aspires to be the media maven for fashion and lifestyle. Every time I see her or see her tweet, it is about the new fashion magazine she got in the mail. She has been a subscriber to some of these magazines for over a decade (mind you she is in her mid-20s). She stays in the loop by not only subscribing to these magazine that serve as inspiration for her site, but helps her to stay ahead.

I have another friend who aspires to be the next lyrical genius. He is putting himself in line to be just that. Often times, if he isn't listening to some of the lyrical greats, he is catching up on the latest music information. Being that he also wants to be a businessman in the music business, he also frequents many business sites. Not only does he want to be ahead, he wants to stay ahead.

Then you have me. I aspire to be the next event planning giant as well as a great writer. If you took a peak at my Google reader, you'd see everything from event planning tips and tricks, posts from some of my favorite event planners, and anything Martha Stewart. I have a pretty extensive library at home that has many books about writing and finding writing inspiration. I aspire to be the best. So in order to be the best it takes knowledge and know how.

If you aren't following or reading up on information in your industry, here are 7 Awesome Reads to Stay in the Loop:
  1. It's a great site to follow because they have something for everyone. No matter what industry you are in they have something for you. The highlight of this site is there numerous blogs about Leadership, the Workforce, and Social Media & Marketing

  2. Entrepreneur. and These are all in the same family and it really depends on your situation and preference, but they are great reads to gather information about being an entrepreneur and how to be successful at it. What I like most about it is how they often highlight people who are doing well in business but don't make it seem like it's a fairytale. They people they interview are true to themselves and what they went through to get to where they are now.

  3. Publications specific to YOUR industry- Being in the event planning business there a so many publications that I can subscribe to or read. But my main ones involve decor and designing tips and techniques and event planning specific publications like Special Events and Event Solutions. If you are in fashion, read a Vogue or a Harper's. If you are in music read a Rolling Stone or a Billboard. Find your niche at and save money too!

  4. Fortune and Forbes- You want to know how to make a lot of money and be successful right? That's part of the reason you went into business for yourself, even if you don't admit it openly. What do you read to learn how the big dogs did it?If you aspire to be in the Fortune 500, you should read Fortune.

  5. Your local and regional newspaper- I know the newspaper isn't as vibrant as a magazine or as fun as the internet, but you have to learn from your elders. Newspapers are a great publication to read because not only will you find out economic and government information about business in your town, but you might come across a story where you business and expertise is needed. Even better, most local publications tend to be free!

  6. Inc.-sometimes we need tips on how to manage and run our business better so why not get some advice from the experts? Inc. Magazine is a good way to find out how the top businesses manage themselves to stay at the top.

  7. And of Course!
  8. The Unemployed Entrepreneur. Whether you need advice, inspiration, or a good laugh. This blog will give it all to you, plus being that it is a new blog on the web, you still get very personal content and the opportunity to add your own voice through comments, story submissions, and guest blogs (hint hint ;))
These are just some suggestions to get you started, but feel free to take some time at Barnes & Noble, Borders, or even

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."

What do you read or subscribe to in order to stay in the loop?

The Unemployed [but Empowered and Knowledge-seeking] Entrepreneur


  1. Awesome Post and hang in there! It's all about being current, networking and being out there.

  2. Thank you! I certainly will.


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