Thursday, September 30, 2010

Knowing Your Worth

The boyfriance works for AT&T Corporate. Recently he got a promotion at work and was transfered into the Design Department. Although, it took him two years to get to where he is now, it was a tough road to get there.

Originally he started as a Web Change Facilitator where he basically talked to customers about changes that needed to be done to their websites. After working there for about a year, the company had a huge layoff which he was fortunate enough to survive. He got promoted and became a Website Changes System Matter Expert. What he actually did, I have NO idea! All I know is he trained people in Kentucky to do website changes more efficiently. But the gist of him having that title is that he made himself so valuable to the department and the company that they were willing to go above and beyond to ensure that he had a job with them. Fast forward a year later when he is approached with a new position.

He is offered a place in the design department, which he is excited to take, however, his manager in his current department refused to let him go because he is such an efficient and quality worker. Of course anyone would be mad to have an opportunity denied to them, but he went with the flow knowing that they were fighting hard for him, on both sides.

Eventually, he is approached to be a part of the design department again. This time the two managers agree to make a trade: in order for the boyfriance to switch departments, the design manager has to find a bilingual consultant in exchange for the boyfriance. After eight months of searching and training, everyone is happy. The boyfriance has a promotion, the design department has the boyfriance, and the old manager has a biligual consultant.

The moral of this twisted tale is to know your worth. How valuable are you to your company, client, customers, and the people around you? What do you add to the table of life? If you left today, would you be missed?

Think about it. People want to be around you or give you their business because your presence adds something to their life. That's how you stay ahead of the game. Your worth is dependent upon your expertise, knowledge, and experiences. That's what the business of you is really about: marketing your worth to the world. But in order to do that, you have to know your worth.

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