Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Realizing your faults...

I went to Florida over the holiday weekend. It was a much needed break for a great personal cause (my best friend's birthday). I honestly didn't have the money to go, but a few good friends helped in the trip's effort.

While I was there, I ensured that I had my business cards and promised myself to make an effort to do a little bit of networking while I was there. The trip was splendid. We went to the beach, ate at Sweet (A-mah-sing bakery and frozen yogurt shop) and a Puerto Rican place called Rice and Beans (mouthwatering goodness). We also went to an upscale restaurant and partied the night in VIP at a club called Senso. I enjoyed myself and did a bit of networking, but not as much as I hoped I would.

Was it because there was no one to network with? No. Was it because the people there weren't quite in my business' demographic? Possibly. Was it because I realize that I need some work in the networking department? Absolutely.

I've been told that I am a master networker. And on some level, that maybe true to everyone who isn't me. I am realizing my faults. I have moments when my networking is on point. I'll ensure that at least 85% of people will have my business card and has shaken my hand. But then there are other times, like lately, when my networking can use a tutor, lecturer, mentor, kick in the behind, etc.

I'm not sure what it is that causes my networking to be so wishy washy, but I am realizing my faults so that I can go into the next networking event with cards and confidence in tow. A big part of networking isn't just talking to people about your business or cause, it has everything to do with confidence. And it's the confidence that I am realizing I am lacking.

When you realize your faults and take responsibility for them, you are at a better place to work hard on correcting them and making yourself better than you started out. It takes having an objective perception of yourself to really be able to see the things you are doing wrong. And it takes being mature and responsible to admit to yourself that you have some work that needs to be done. We are all a work in progress, but in order to progress for the better you have to learn to work on yourself.

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That's what I try to do everyday, be better today than I was yesterday. Call me an overachiever, but I got some progression to do.

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