Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vistaprint: The Unemployed Entrepreneur's secret weapon

Yesterday I got my postcards from Vistaprint! I'm super excited. These postcards are an integral part of my business' current marketing strategy and they match the business cards I purchased from them a week before. No, I am not paid to endorse them [although that isn't such a bad idea]. I just know a good product when I use it.

I've gone to many a networking event and heard people bad mouthing Vistaprint, saying how cheap (meaning crappy) they are or how they just plain don't like them. I never really understood why because I've always had a positive experience with them. To me Vistaprint is the unemployed entrepreneur's secret weapon.

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Six reason's why I love Vistaprint:
  1. They are affordable- I know some people who have spent hundreds of dollars on business cards. Why? The purpose is to pass them out. Sure you want them to reflect what your business stands for, but you can do that without dipping heavily into your business account. Plus think about it, you're going to need to continuously order refills and remakes.
  2. They are efficient- Vistaprint gives you the option of either customizing one of their thousands of templates or simply uploading your own for free. I've seen other sites who charge you to upload your own artwork in order to convince you to use their templates. No way Jose! I'd rather save my money.
  3. They are friendly and accessible- I bet you didn't even know that Vistaprint is on Twitter. You did? Okay. Well I bet you didn't that they actually reply to @replies. Whether you want to say thank you or ask a question, the Vistaprint PR team is there to talk to you.
  4. They are fast- I remember getting my very first set of business cards from another company. Although the business cards were of really high quality, I mean UV gloss coat, F/B color, and heavy cardstock nice, but they took FOREVER to arrive. By the time they arrived, I had missed like three plus weeks worth of networking opportunities. And as an entrepreneur, that is three weeks too long. Vistaprint gives you an estimated time arrival, but often the package arrives days even weeks later. That's what I call fast service!
  5. They're legible- I've seen some websites, not just for business cards, that are very confusing to navigate through. Where you think one thing is, it isn't. Vistaprint has a pretty straight forward site. Even your computer illiterate Aunt Jane could understand Vistaprint's site.
  6. Lastly. The Deals!-If you receive email from Vistaprint like I do, you'll notice that Vistaprint has more sales than the grocery store. The best thing about their deals is that they are actually deals. None of that 'buy three get two free' or 'take a percentage off the next time you visit' kind of deal. Vistaprint has deals like "Get 250 premium business cards...FOR FREE" All you have to pay is the shipping, which is cheaper than your daily coffee habit.
I like Vistaprint for the sheer fact that they are within my company's meager budget, they are fast and friendly, and they have so many quality products to offer other than business cards.

Whether you are a Bougie Budgetista or an Unemployed Entrepreneur, Vistaprint has everything you need to market yourself properly.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and Savvy] Entrepreneur


  1. I couldn't agree more!!! Loved my stuff, it came super fast and i tell everybody to use them!

  2. I'm reading your blog post because of Vista Print. I've fanned them on Facebook and they just posted a link to your blog. I LOVE Vista Print. I've been a customer for years and just received some post cards I ordered from them. They are gorgeous and so affordable. Our business has a limited advertising budget as well, but even if it was unlimited, I think I would still use Vista Print! Great post!

    Jen Maddox

  3. Thank you all for the props! My philosophy is "if you have something you like, tell everybody about it." Especially in the world of entrepreneurship, we need to help each other out by giving light to the better products out there. Thanks again. And follow the blog for daily updates!



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