Friday, September 17, 2010

You have to give a little to get a lot.

I've been watching The Spin Crowd on E! since it premiered a few weeks ago. It's a pretty good show, for your everyday REALity show. It's about the goings on of Command PR in Los Angeles, California. The owners and operators Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck ensure that you remain engaged through-out the 30 minute time limit of the show.

One episode that really stood out in my mind was when Kelly Osbourne, a long time friend/ client of Command PR, request the guys assistance in creating a charity event for the homeless. Jonathan, the CEO/ President and resident jerk, quickly becomes upset. He's not upset because he deeply cares about the state of homelessness in this country. He's not upset because it is a cause that deeply touches the heart of his dear friend. Mr. Jonathan is upset because he doesn't believe in charity work. (cue shocked face) Jonathan thinks that charity work takes away from making money for his business. Upon making that assertion, his business partner promptly looks at him in disgust.

The sad thing about this situation is that there are people all over the world who have the same thought. Charity work doesn't do anything for you. What they fail to realize is that charity work or helping a charity not only helps to get you and/ or your company exposure, but it also shows that you aren't an inconsiderate and selfish jerk. There are people out there who not only need our time, but also need our resources. When we give a little bit of what we have to ensure that these less fortunate people have something we receive so much more.

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You have to give a little to get alot. Not just in charity work, but also in life. What I mean by that is helping your fellow entrepreneur with a project by sending them some resources, clients, or helping them. What I mean by that is giving some encouraging words to someone who is having a bad time. What I mean is by supporting your peers in their endeavors as they support you. When you give them a little of yourself, you get back so much more because of it. Think of it as planting seeds in the garden of success.

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