Friday, October 1, 2010

11 Tips on Preparing for an Interview

So I had a job interview today! *cue happy dance* I was really excited about the quickness of response from this particular employer to do an interview. I was excited when I realized I had spoken with people within this particular company before. And I was super excited about the tone of the interview. My interviewer and I spoke like we already knew each other. The chemistry was just right. I will definitely keep every one posted about the outcome of this interview and will give more details later. But what I want to focus on today is preparing for an interview.

11 tips on preparing for an interview

  1. Do your research
    No matter what company you plan on working for, you should at least know basic information about them. Think about it, when you do research on a company before you apply and before the interview you will end up knowing if this company is going to be the perfect fit for your goals. Nothing is worse than going in for an interview and not knowing what you're getting yourself into.

  2. Update and print your resume on quality paper
    Sometimes when we send our resumes off to an employer, we forget something on it or need to update it with information from the last couple of months. Before the interview is the time to update and print your resumes. If you own a printer at home, all you have to do is buy a unit of quality resume paper such as
    Southworth Exceptional Resume Paper, 100% Cotton, 32 lb, Ivory, 100 Count (RD18ICF)
    I prefer ivory or tan paper because it subtly helps my resume to stand out from others.

  3. Pick out your outfit
    Depending on what type of job you have applied for, you should dress at least how you think the boss dresses. For example, if you are going on an interview for a fast food restaurant, managers tend to wear a nice button down and slacks. If you are applying to a corporate job, you know the boss will most likely be in a black or grey suit. If you are applying to a company that is more creative (like I did), you have the opportunity to dress a with more risks. But always remember you want them to hire you based on your personality, not your clothes.

  4. Make yourself job ready
    The night before is the best time to get yourself job ready. What I mean is to get your grooming done. That's shaving, shampooing, and everything in between. Nothing is worse than running late for an interview because you had to shave your legs or your face the morning of the interview.

  5. Eat a nice dinner
    What you eat the night before can either make you feel full of confidence or full of gas. Don't make yourself uncomfortable by drinking heavily or eating foods that you know make your stomach upset. Use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method for choosing your meal and eat it at a decent time!

  6. Get together the last minute details
    Make sure you have your last minute details. That would be the directions to the company, the contact person you spoke with, and any materials they asked you to bring. Put them all together and place them somewhere you won't forget.

  7. Get enough sleep
    Relax and get some sleep, especially if you are not a morning person or it takes a minute for you to wake up. You want to make sure you get enough sleep so that you are more alert before, during, and after the interview process.

  8. Wake up with confidence
    When you wake in the morning, lay in your bed for just one minute and say to yourself,
    "I have all the confidence in the world to not only ace this interview but to get the job!"
    A good morning starts with positive vibes and the confidence to carry out all your tasks.

  9. Eat Something
    Have you ever been in an interview pool with like 5 people and you know someone didn't eat breakfast because all you hear is their stomach growling and gurgling. Don't let that person be you! Eat something even if it's toast and juice. Getting something in your stomach will not only give you energy but will keep you alert and upbeat.

  10. Maintain your confidence through-out
    "I have all the confidence in the world to not only ace this interview but to get the job!"
    Say this to yourself as you answer and ask questions through out the interview. The more you believe it, the more you'll exude it.

  11. Knock 'em Dead Kiddo
    Nothing more, nothing less. Go into that job interview with confidence and your great personality. But also make sure that you are being yourself and have fun with it!

I'm not sure if I got the job or not, but I do know that I made a lasting impression on my interviewer because I was prepared for it and I had plenty of confidence.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and hopefully Employed] Entrepreneur

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