Monday, October 4, 2010

Motivational Monday: Stephanie Alva of My Life Keys

I went to a seminar on Sunday. The topic was about hip hop's influence on the black community and the black community's influence on hip hop. There was much to be said at the event and many people to meet.

I finally got the opportunity to meet the faces behind My Life Keys, Mr. Tavaughn Monts and Ms. Stephanie Alva. They are wonderful people who work day in and day out to help others reach their potential and live a positive life. They were two of the people on the panel including Chrisette Michelle and the former General Manger of Ruff Ryders.

Everyone had interesting and thought provoking things to say but the one quote that really stuck out to me was spoken by the lovely Stephanie Alva.

"Miracles live in adversity"
         -Stephanie Alva

I truly believe that. When you are going through the worst time in your life that is when you receive the most blessings. Think about all the businesses, ideas, and products that take root during a recession or down turn in the economy. Think about the last time you struggled how things seemed to just happen for you.

Miracles do live in adversity, but they thrive when we allow ourselves to receive them.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and Blessing Receiving] Entrepreneur

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  1. amen amen! i too was at a seminar last week. it was the georgia leadership conference held by the national diversity council at the hilton downtown. it was amazing! lots of powerful, and extremely talented sistahs (yes with a -ah even though there were a few -er's present as well)! we met a top lawyer, the 1st police chief of orlando and so much more. truly an inspiration, their stories of how they made ways out of no ways spoke to my entire life, it was so incredible!


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