Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GO VOTE!!!!!!

Whether you are a small business owner, CEO of a large corporation, a full-time/ part-time student, or unemployed and seeking you need to make your vote and your voice matter.

Many of us like to think that the big time national elections are the ones that count the most, and certainly they do, but it's the small local elections that impacts our quality of life. It's the law makers in your state and hometown that makes decisions that affect your everyday life.

By participating in this year's elections, not only will you have an impact on issues that surround you whether it be jobs, small business loans and money, tuition, transportation, or anything to that matter but you are sending a message to those who use force, fear, and fraud to finagle their way into our lives.

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So don't be a dope....VOTE!

For directions to your voting precinct please click here.

For other voting information please click here

Do it! Not just because it's good for you, your community, and your country, but because SOA told you so! :)

The Unemployed [but Empowered] Entrepreneur working to make her voice heard

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