Monday, December 20, 2010

Having expectations...for your future.

When you think of what your future holds, whether it's graduating from school or getting that fantastic job or even taking your hobby to the next level, what kind of expectations do you have for how it will turn out?

When you speak about your dreams and goals do you speak about them as if you KNOW that they are going to happen or do you speak about them HOPING they will happen? Your future can turn out differently just based on how you speak about it to other people.

When you KNOW what your future holds you will put forth more effort to ensure that that future happens to the best of your abilities. It shows you have certainty in your goals and in what you are accomplishing right now to make future goals happen. By knowing what you want to do and what you will do, no one and nothing can deter you from accomplishing it.

However, when you HOPE that your goals are going to be met, you are uncertain that they will even foster. There is a major difference in saying you hope something will happen vs. stating you have hope something will occur. Take the following statements for instance.
"I hope I get good grades after that test."
"I have hope that I will get good grades after that test."
"I know I will get good grades after that test."
Accomplishing your goals and making your future a realization begins with the expectations you have for them being realized and the speech/ context in which you speak of them. Before you can convince others of what you want to do, you must first convince yourself that you have the means and power to accomplish them.

Change your speech when it comes to your goals, accomplishments, and dreams and soon you'll see that they will manifest because you spoke them into being.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and KNOWING] Entrepreneur

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