Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 unique holiday party ideas

With the holidays comes holiday parties. You have your office holiday party that usually doesn't stray from the norm, but when it comes to your holiday party why not kick the box down the street? Have you ever been to an ugly Christmas sweater party? What about a Jingle Bell bash? Craving some culture? Have a Merry ChristmaHanuKwanzakah Party and experience all of the December holidays? Here are 5 unique holiday party ideas for you next holiday party.

  1. Jingle Bell Bash-
    Remember when you were a kid how much you loved to sing Christmas songs and carol to others. Why does that have to stop just because you are an adult? Get a group of your friends, put on your old Santa hat and have a party based on those Christmas songs. Get some chestnuts to roast on the fire. Leave out the milk and cookies. Sprinkle a little cheer and you have an instant holiday get together. For some added fun, take your friends to the neighborhood and spread some cheer by singing Christmas carols to your neighbors. Nothing says warm and fuzzy like your best friends rendition of "Santa baby."

  2. Ugly Sweater Party-
    Yes, it's true. The worst present you've ever received now has the opportunity to bring some holiday cheer and great conversation. This type of party became popular only a few years ago and it is fast becoming a holiday tradition. Put together a holiday get together and encourage your attendees to wear their worst sweater. Make it a contest and give the winner a sweet gift! Like a gift certificate to Express to replace their ugly sweater.

  3. Holidays Around the World-
    We aren't the only culture in the world to do some amazing things for the holidays. Have you ever heard of Boxing Day? Like most people, I grew up thinking boxing day had to do with either boxes or boxing. But after some research, I found out that it is actually a very sweet holiday. Families box gifts to give to the less fortunate. If you ask me that's the REAL spirit of Christmas. Do a little bit of research and host a party that provides awesome facts, foods, and traditions from other cultures around the world.

  4. ChristmaHanuKwanzakah Party-
    Think about it. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Why not host a party that takes the major elements from Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa? Research more information about food, decor, and traditions and give your friends and family a new view of the holidays.

  5. Winter Solstice Soiree-
    Before there was ever a Christmas, as we know it today, people celebrated the beginning of the winter solstice. Take winter elements like snowflakes and colors like white, silver, and ice blue and incorporate it into your holiday decor. Warm your guests up by creating a menu of hot treats like spiced hot chocolotate or warm soup and sandwiches.

The holidays are more than just Christmas and parties, but if you are going to have a holiday get together why not host one that is non-traditional. With a culturally driven event you can give your friends the gift of knowledge by teaching them about the holidays of other cultures. For good ole fashioned fun ladden with memories of your youth, caroling and merriment will always be a hit.

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