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Before I started my business, there was a question or two or ten that I pondered prior to initiating it. One of them being,"Should I write a business plan?" Going to a school where business is the cream of the crop and everything is so structured, it had pretty much been beaten into me to take the time to analyze and research my business and my market. I've always known it to be a good idea to help you better understand your business, plus when it comes times for investors or loans it's a great document to have. But when you aren't in desperate need for loans and the investors haven't appeared yet, is it really necessary to create a business plan? And when you do create it, does it have to be that extensive?

I got my answer, or at least a point in the right direction after reading an article on
Is it necessary to draft an official business plan for this type of company? —M.T. asks Businessweek, Washington, D.C.

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"You don't absolutely need to write a business plan if you're not planning to borrow money or seek investors, and your business does not require a permit or license.The value of putting together even a simple business plan is that the process forces startup entrepreneurs to confront some basic principles of business that they would likely miss—to potentially bad consequences—otherwise," as answered by Karen E. Klein, columnist for Business Week
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Although you don't have to create a business plan, I think it's a great document to create anyways. It allows you to really look at your business and be able to tell others what it is financially, creatively, legally, and literally on paper.

My personal belief is that when you have a firm enough grasp on what your business actually is, it is easier for you to better take care of your clients as well as ask for money when the time comes. The best thing about creating a business plan is that there are so many templates and resources to help you create the document that best fits your business such as the SBDC website and your local chamber of commerce. You can also search for business incubators and mentors to help you as well. You can even get help from local universities and colleges.

No you don't necessarily need a business plan, but if you want to be a player in this competitive world it doesn't hurt to be overprepared and pre-plan.

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