Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SOA How To: Easy Holiday Decor idea #1

After much planning and fun with the Sisters In Action presents Holidays Around the World event, I realized that I definitely want to eventually take SOA Event Concepts to the all-in-one route. It has been established as an event planning and event management company and slowly I am dabbling in the event decor side of it. This post is about my first hand at decor creation and how you can utilize it in your home. Not only is it easy, it's affordable. After I stepped away from the final project, I felt a little bit like the brown skinned Martha Stewart. Try it out!

Easy Holiday Decor Idea #1:

Materials Needed:
empty boxes of various sizes (you can get them from Wal-Mart late at night as well as most office supplies stores. simply ask an employee and they'll help you.)
wrapping paper (since it's the holidays, that's what I chose)
invisible tape (to make your closures appear seamless)
decorative bows of various sizes (this helps to give the boxes a finished look)

Once you have found the boxes you want to use, begin to wrap them by laying the first one flat in the middle of the wrapping paper. Make sure that there is enough paper on each side to cover the box completely.

Tape the first flap to the box to secure and fold over the next flap of paper and tape. At the ends, fold the paper into two triangles by folding the sides inwards and creasing the edges of the triangle. Tape the bottom flap up and tape then do the same for the top flap. Repeat on the other side.

Finish with a beautiful bow and Voila! you have a beautiful Holiday box.

Repeat with 3 or more boxes of various sizes and display on your tables, entry way, or even in your store front.



And just in case my directions were a bit unclear (I'm a how to newbie), here is a great link on how to wrap boxed gifts WITH pictures!

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