Monday, December 27, 2010

Tron Legacy: The Set Design

I saw Tron: Legacy over the holiday break and I must was incredible. I'm personally a Daft Punk Fan and will forever be a fan of awesome imagery. The set design of one particular scene in the movie was especially fascinating to me.

Set Designer Darren Gilford
Working in the event industry, I have been taking note of the increasing trend of modular, transparent and illuminated pieces. In Tron: Legacy, they took illumination to the 22nd century (past the 21st). By keeping the design itself simple with accents of grey, black, and silver the room itself is awe inspiring. The crystal chandelier is a great addition and helps the room to transition from the mid-century "living room" space to the  modern dining room space. Although the floors and walls give off the majority of the illumination in the room, the chandelier helps to create a romantic mood.

Tron: Legacy [Disney Pictures (c)2010]

The over sized fireplace was a wonderful focal point in this living room space. What was intriguing was not that it glowed with wood embers but it glowed with a digital "waterfall" like feature. The French settees of black leather and transparent hardware helped to pull in the darkness of the rock walls but also helped the room maintain a common theme. 

All in all this is by far my favorite set in the entire movie. In 2011, I can absolutely see people, event designers, and clients getting inspired by Tron: Legacy.

Check out more about this set design created by Darren Gilford for Tron: Legacy from the LA Times at Home blog.

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