Thursday, February 10, 2011

Motivational Monday= Thoughtful Thursday birthday was on Tuesday. I celebrated by spending a four day weekend in Orlando with one of my best friends, the awesome Bougie Budgetista, and my honey when I returned. Yes, I know I missed my opportunity to inspire and motivate you on Monday, but don't worry I shall leave you with some thoughts that I gathered while on vacation.

Thought 1:
Whatever you are going through right only temporary. Sometimes terrible, or what we perceive as terrible, situations happen to us at the craziest of times, but honestly it is only temporary. Focusing on things and people that really matter will help the temporary heartache to pass.

Thought 2:
Go with the flow. As much as I like to plan (I mean I am an event planner!), it is always refreshing to let your troubles go and just go with the flow. Sure you wanted to go to the beach, but how awesome is it to just go shopping, hang with friends, or watch a movie with your significant other?

Thought 3:
Positive and great friends are a gift from above...seriously. When you think you look your worse, can't go any harder, feel like a fool, or go through a tough time, they are there to pick you up and help you see you at your best.

Thought 4:
Everyone needs a vacation...including you. As hard as you work and as much as you take care of others, sometimes it is good to simply get away from it and everyone and just take a vacation. Whether it's with friends or alone, a vacation is the treat you get for the hard work you put it.

Thought 5:
The reason they call it life is so that we'll live it.

I hope my thoughts from my vacay can help you in your life today, tomorrow, or another day.

The Unemployed [but Empowered and now relaxed] Entrepreneur

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