Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Showing Love to Your Employees…minus the lawsuit.

It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone needs a little love…including your employees. But in the age of lawsuits and sexual harassment, how do you show them love without getting in trouble? I’ve heard stories, and experienced, bosses who truly don’t know where the line is drawn in the sand of harassment. How do you show love to your employees, minus the law suit? Check out my 5 tips for staying in your employees good graces and not getting in trouble.

Showing Love to Your Employees…minus the lawsuit.
“Workplace harassment is any type of unwelcome action toward an employee that leads to difficulty in performing assigned tasks or causes the employee to feel he or she is working in a hostile environment. [more]”

Tip #1: Keep it platonic-you are the boss, as much as you would like to have an amicable relationship with your employees make sure you keep the lines of communication and the roles VERY CLEAR.
Tip #2: Give employees the praise they deserve. If you have a large company and you notice that certain employees are doing a job well done, regardless of if you like their personality, give them the praise they deserve. Sure you may not like how they get the job done, but if they are productive and surpass the goals set for them, praise them. Not praising them when everyone else does might make you look like a “discrimi-hater.”
Tip #3: Don’t fall for the “teacher’s pet” syndrome. In every company, there is that one employee that everyone likes…including you as the boss. As much as you would like to play favorites with them, don’t. Especially when you have a corporation with multiple employees, your continuous gushing over what they did can make you look a little suspect. Sure you’ll get along with some employees better, but to avoid the water cooler talk of an “outside relationship,” try to steer away from the “teacher’s pet” syndrome.
Tip #4: If you are going to give out a surprise bonus, make sure it’s because they deserve it. As much as I enjoy getting free stuff at my job, just cause, I can’t help but think about what other employees have to say. In some instances, it’s fair and deserved like that expense check or holiday bonus. In other instances, it seems out of place; red roses to all the female employees, for example. If you are going to give a gift or bonus make sure it’s warranted.
Tip #5: Keep personal and professional relationships separate. Sometimes there are times when we have to work with our family, significant other, or friend. In these situations it can be hard to not show favoritism or nepotism. Although they won’t sue you…your other employees could. Make sure they and you understand the lines of your relationship in the workplace and outside.

Harassment can cost an employer anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a couple million. We need to show love to our employees so that they know we appreciate them…but as employers we have to understand the paper thin lines of showing love and “showing love.”

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