Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SOA Event Plug: Pledging for Success book release


ATLANTA, GA (June 6, 2011) - After a year of diligent research, compilation, and composition, Eric Lee Usher has completed the philosophic masterpiece that is PLEDGING FOR SUCCESS. Comparatively analyzing the pledging process of sororities and fraternities to the overall achievement in academia, careers, and personal welfare; PLEDGING FOR SUCCESS is a guaranteed page-turner. Eric Lee Usher separates himself from the typical motivational author by intricately incorporating inspirational quotes, daily affirmations, and lifestyle growth exercises throughout his book. This manifesto is a testament of his experience with the Omicron Omega Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. Evaluating the knowledge he gained while enrolled at Clayton State University, Usher offers an innovative approach for young professionals to attain any aspirations they so desire.

Pledging for Success grants exclusive access to the structure and purpose behind the pledging process that has attracted countless people since the origin of Pan-Hellenic fraternities and sororities. The elusive process, which until now has been kept behind closed doors, has transformed the lives and careers of their members. Pledging for Success is a total package including activities and exercises to keep you motivated through each stage in your journey to personal success. It is an engaging guide that will break down the process in an uncomplicated and interactive manner. Pledging for Success encourages you to make a pledge to yourself, your dreams, and to your success by guiding you from your initial visions, through your research and inevitable setbacks, and finally to your moment of victory. With Pledging for Success in hand you can officially consider yourself empowered with all of the tools necessary to design your ideal future. Once you complete your process toward success you will have a new found sense of knowledge, confidence, and grounding that will armor you to accomplish any desire you wish. Now, are you ready to Pledge for Success?

Wednesday, June 8th
7pm - 9pm
STRAITS Restaurant
793 Juniper St, Alanta Ga 30308
RSVP: pledgingforsuccess@gmail.com

Atlanta Greek Picnic - June 8-12th, 2011
The Greek Network - June 8th
Skate Party - June 9th
Tweet and Meet - June 10th
$10,000 Step Show - June 10th

Jenee’ Mogul Entertainment, LLC.
Eric Lee Usher
Author, Founder of U.S.H. Productions Inc.

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