Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Do You Go To Work Everyday

You wake up. Go to work. Spend 8 hours (or more) out of your life. Go home. Do it all over again. Eventually having this routine gets trying and boring. You begin to wonder why you even go to work. Certainly it's for the necessity of having money to be able to pay bills and be comfortable. But what is it about going to your job EVERY DAY that keeps you wanting to go back?

THE PEOPLE! You go to work day in and day out (or at least some of us)because of the people you work with every day. Think about it. If you were offered a better job, with better pay and benefits of course you would take it. However, if you work with some dynamic people you will be sad because unfortunately this fortunate situation makes you have to say good bye to them. Whether you work at a place for three months or three years, you build a relationship with these people even if you started out not trying to. They have become your work family and you'd hate to say good bye to them. So how can you maintain your work connections once you've moved on to another better opportunity? Three ways to maintain your relationships with your work family:
  1. Schedule lunch, dinner, or happy hour dates. The best way to maintain contact with your work family is to see them after work and in a social setting. If you guys have gotten close enough to go to happy hour every Thursday or host a pot luck every month, continue to do so. It's been said that some of our best friends were first business associates.

  2. Send a friendly email, leave a message, or write a note. Maintain communications with those people. Let them know that you think of them and wish them well. You never know, by maintaining contact with those people and staying up to date on what they are up to, there is always a possibility of working together again...whether through your new opportunity or with their previous one.

  3. Stop by every once in a while. I remember making some pretty good connections at my very first job. When I would come home from college, I frequently visited some of the old managers and employees. If you left your previous job on good terms, trust me they will be more than happy to see you and hear how you are doing. Just remember to find out what their least busiest day is so you're not interfering with the work day too much.

Some of my best associates are those with whom I've worked with before. Because I always maintain a good relationship with them, we often send each other business, work together, and sing praise of each other's work. We can get together and talk business but also have a great time since we've built that type of relationship up.

Why do we go to work day in and day out? Because the people there keep us sane, entertained, and loved in one way or another.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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