Monday, October 17, 2011

Motivational Monday: God says you're important

Last week, I did nothing, which is not like me. I had been feeling down and out about some things in my life and how my life wasn't going the way I'd hoped. How my personal life just didn't seem to be on track and how my professional life just seemed to be going slow. I was totally out of it. Although, I knew I had much to do, I just couldn't find the energy to do it. You could think I was in a temporary depression. Maybe even going through the beginning stages of my quarter life crisis...even though I still have a few more months to go. I felt like my purpose wasn't being realized and my potential wasn't being reached

Cue...THE MIRROR. Or as the rest of us call best friend. My best friend will not allow me to wallow. I take that back. He will not allow me to wallow for too long. I like to think of best friends as the mirror we refuse to hold up to ourselves. He said something to me that was so profound, not only did it get me out of my funk and help me to get my momentum back, but he made me realize how many other things I had going on despite the negatives I felt I needed to be focusing my attention on.

I won't share my best friend...because I'm selfish (lol), but I will share a quote from him.

"You are important because [Your Creator] says so...You have not lived until you know what you're living for...some of us are out here dead, living against our purpose..."

I've been learning to create and incorporate my own affirmations into my life...I share mine with you as it relates to the above quote.

Affirmation #1:
I release the fear of the unknown and accept the blessings coming my way.
Affirmation #2:
I relinquish the need to focus on negative thought and utilize them as learning lessons.
Affirmation #3:
I see the good in people and situations, even when I want to think oppositely.

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