Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to surround yourself with people better than yourself

Have you ever noticed, successful people surround themselves with people who know more, do more, have more than they do. Not that they are trying to take these people for what they got, but in my opinion it's to help them to become better people as well. Think about it. If you surrounded yourself with mediocre people all day who slacked, who were lazy, who only did just enough to get by even if you are a very disciplined person you too will start to take on their behaviors.

It's like what I was saying about the Circle of Success, you have to surround yourself not just with like-minded people but people who are better than yourself. But how do you know which friends, associates, and contacts you should surround yourself to make you a better person? Of course you have your family who is there to support you and your decisions even if they don't understand them fully. And you have your friends to hold up that mirror when you forget to look at it by yourself. Absolutely you have your closest associates to bounce ideas off of. But there are still more people and better ways to finding those people with whom will make you better.

Check out this article about How to Surround Yourself with People Better Than You.

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