Monday, October 10, 2011

Motivational Monday: Think Different...Like Steve Jobs

As most of you all know, one of the world's leaders in innovation and technology died last week. Steve Jobs was a pioneer in the "Think Different" mentality. It is because of him that technology has excelled the way it did. He single-handedly forced other companies to think differently about their products, whether it was out of necessity or competition, products became better because of what Steve Jobs created through Apple, Inc. But now that he is gone, what can we take away from his legacy? Sure we can admire the innovations from the first Mac to the upcoming iPhone series, but what else has Steve Jobs given us?

In my opinion, he has taken the scary out of thinking different. Society, especially the American society, makes it scary to be or think different. We like categories and similarly grouped items. When we are unable to place something in a box...we shun it. Thankfully Mr. Jobs made it "normal" to think and be different. He made it so that being different and being an innovator was the ONLY way to prevent us from living in the dark ages.

I think we should constantly think different. We should constantly push the envelope of what is considered normal. We should go into any task we do questions multiple processes in achieving success.

So Motivational Monday is dedicated to the innovative legacy of Steve Jobs, the Father of "Thinking Different"

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  1. "Thinking Different" is the way to be it separates you from the followers who are afraid to be in the lead. I was once a follower and I now I'm choosing to take the lead and think outside my circumstances I don't want to blend in. Wonderful blog


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