Monday, April 2, 2012

Motivational Monday: Be A Snake Charmer

Last week, I had a dream that I was being followed by a snake. It wasn't just your regular garden variety snake. It was a gigantic python! I'm a huge believer that some of our dreams tell us things that we should be aware of or even predict things to come. Naturally, I woke up baffled by what the dream meant. I saw the snake, it hissed at me, I was frightened and then I woke up. I checked my dream book to see what it meant, but it didn't really offer me any comfort.

Fast forward a few days later, I was speaking to a close associate of mine about how every time they encounter this particular person, there is a constant undertone of hatred, jealousy, and negativity. It got me to thinking about some old sayings about "snakes in the grass." Matter a fact, Southern artist Big K.R.I.T. penned the line
"He said I should cut my grass because I'm surrounded by snakes. Not sure if that was metaphorical or if he had seen one today."

In my opinion, we give too much energy to the snakes. We often worry about who they are, what they're doing, when they'll strike. I think we should learn to be snake charmers. Soothe Sayers whose job is to not be frightened by the snake, not attack the snake, but to charm them

Speaking literally, if you are aware of someone being negativity towards you or "hating" on're not busy enough. You are focusing too much energy on what they are doing and not enough on what you should be doing. Be a soothe sayer, treat them with kindness, don't allow their energy to destroy yours. I'm certain all of us have a snake or two in our midst. The most we can do is be aware and be busy.

"Be so busy that you don't have the time to know who your haters are. And when you know who they are...charm them. Sometimes the best revenge is to smile...and move on."

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