Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivational Monday: Be a Seed Sower

Yesterday, I watched Joel Osteen. I really enjoyed his sermon about sowing your seeds through helping of others. I've heard many times that the best way to pick your spirits up is by picking up the spirits of being of service to others. Now I know some of us may not have the time to devote constantly volunteering at a local shelter, church, or food bank, but think about the people who are in your daily life that you can simply make sure they are okay. Maybe you can offer them some encouraging words, send them some information guiding them in the right direction, or event give them the gift of an attentive ear.

When we lend out a helping hand to others, the universe lends us a helping hand. I like to think of it as depositing some change into our karmic accounts and receiving interest from the universal bank. How much did you deposit today? What will the interest be in the long run? Nothing is better than getting back more than what you put in.

So today as you begin your week, think about what is going on in your life. Think about the changes you hope to come. Think about whatever you are being challenged by and put that energy towards helping someone else create positive change.

"Sow your seeds in your time of need. Sometimes God won't send us the answers we need, instead he'll send us a seed that holds the answer.
'Trust in the Lord and do good.' (Psalms 37:3)"

       -Joel Osteen

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